Friday, March 6, 2015

So this is the last blog update! Wow. This better be the most interesting, funny, and informative post ever. There better be an overemotional recap of all the fond memories we've built over the past 7 weeks. Set your expectations real high, folks, 'cause I'm about to disappoint you. Big time.

Let's bring back that list I made a few weeks ago to see how much I didn't do completed.
1. Play guitar every day
I only practiced guitar once this week. I swear that's worse than normal. Most weeks, I practice 4 to 5 times... which admittedly is still less than 7, but I think we can count this as a success anyway because I've learned that playing music is a major stress reducer for me.
2. Do some short exercises when I wake up and some stretches before I go to bed.
There's no doubt about this one. Total fail. I did the exercises once, and then never again. And I never even tried the stretches. Athletics are clearly not my strong suit.
3. Make a blog post at least once a week!
I think I did pretty good at uploading regularly! Yes, some were a few days late, but they were all about a week apart.

The real question is: did I actually learn anything? Did I learn any ways to reduce stress? Well, I didn't find any magic anti-anxiety potion like I had hoped, but I think I did learn a few ways to keep my stress levels at a more reasonable level. I learned that playing guitar is a great way to relax quickly, and honestly just writing this blog is a good way to assess how I've been doing over the past week. I hope I can continue into the next trimester, because I really enjoyed this experience.

Now time for the really emotional recap of all our inside jokes and bonding moments. Do you remember the time I had an existential crisis and rambled for a really long time about the end of the world and aliens? Do you remember the time I quoted "The Emperor's New Groove?" Do you remember the time I didn't leave my house for a week? (I try not to). Do you remember the fact that no one reads this blog and that "you" is pretty much a figment of my imagination (at least no one reads it except you, Beccy. You're not a figment of my imagination. I hope).

What else can I say? I wish I had some deep meaningful quote or some really funny story to end my final post with. The only quotes I can think of at the moment are from the Emperor's New Groove. They don't fit the situation at all, but I guess it'll have to do. Just pretend it makes sense.




P.S. To keep up with tradition, here's the "List of Things I Thought About Instead of Working":
  • what color bedding I should have in new room
  • the Fall Out Boy concert I went to
  • taking a nap
  • did I really see a shooting star that one time? Or did I dream that?
  • The Emperor's New Groove
  • Big Hero 6
  • Kim Possible
Bye! <3

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